Never Met a Dirty Dog I Didn't Like

Our goal is to provide you and your canine a well thought out and individually structured obedience program that provides you with skilled behaviors and a solid foundation to build confidence, team work and leadership as a handler. We believe that you as the handler, should be a strong, fair and loving leader for your canine companion. 

We provide the best in professional training for you and your dogs. Your dog's success is our success and with a well behaved canine in the house it makes for a very happy home.
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Three Types of Training Programs

National Organizations and Certifications

Kati and Darren Janssen with "Sydney"

A little over 5 years ago my wife and I embarked on a journey to adopt a rescue dog from the shelter. We picked out the dog that picked us, a German Shorthair mix that made us melt that day she ran to our car with the eyes of “take me home”. Little did we know that her separation anxiety would shortly after kick in to the point that she would destroy her kennel’s and anywhere else we would put her during the day while we were at work. 
After many nights of wondering what to do with this warm & affectionate 2 year old puppy a friend of ours got us in touch with Lauren and Dirty Dogs. Sydney headed out to boot camp for a short time and came back to us with amazing results! Her anxiety was gone and she enjoyed time away from us like a break! She was trained on and off leash (she prefers off leash by far) and listened like a champ! My wife and I never had to have the talk again of what to do with this pup because she is now a wonderful, kind and affectionate dog that does everything with us! Hats off to Lauren and Dirty Dogs for helping us find our perfect pup and family member!
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